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The membership of Wethersfield Historical Society is passionate about the town’s history, often inspiring individuals to conduct research on their own about topics of particular interest.

The "Articles from the Community" section of this website includes research and writing of the Wethersfield community representative of their interest and enthusiasm for topics related to Wethersfield history and culture. Articles are not edited by Wethersfield Historical Society staff and while we hope you find the contributions to "Articles from the Community" interesting and informative, they do not reflect the research, scholarly editing, views, or opinions of Wethersfield Historical Society's staff, Governing Board or general membership as a whole

Eleanor Buck Wolf – Give to the World the Best that You Can

by Jim Meehan Eleanor Buck Wolf’s 1931 Mount Holyoke College described her as “Lady Diane or Peter Pan, whichever the occasion required.” Her daughter Elizabeth (Betsey) Innes said “That was an accurate description all of her life.” She was born in 1909, a descendent of Emanuel (aka Enoch) Buck, who first appeared in Wethersfield in […]

Betsey Johnson: A Brand that Cartwheeled Through Four Decades

by Elizabeth Hanson  (This article was originally published in 2011 on the website and is republished with permission of the author.) (“Wethersfield High School Yearbook, “The Elm” 1960 ” ) History Betsey Johnson was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut on August 10th, 1942. She graduated from Syracuse University, magna cum laude in 1964 and parlayed […]

William Meggat

By John C. Willard – Sept. 1, 1971 Wethersfield has had many colorful figures connected with the garden seed business. Outstanding among these and most distinctive was William Meggat. He was not a native, being born in Dumforch, near Glasgow, Scotland on the 7th of May 1835. He was the second of six children and […]

About the Author: Elizabeth Hanson

I am a diversified professional with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, copywriting and editing, event planning and promotion. Four institutions of higher education and an international corporation have benefited from my involvement in all aspects of their marketing and recruitment efforts. As a promotional copywriter, I have achieved awarded distinction in advertising […]

Willie Pep: Willie “Pepped Up” Our Friday Nights

by Joe Duffy Guglielmo Papaleo (September 19, 1922 – November 23, 2006) was an American professional boxer, better known as Willie Pep. Born in Middletown, CT he lived in Hartford later moving to Wethersfield. Ring Magazine named Pep the sixth greatest fighter of the last 80 years in 2002 ahead of such names as Sugar […]

Sacred Heart Church Parish History

This article was written by members of Sacred Heart Church.  It first appeared on the church’s website and is republished here by permission of Sacred Heart Church. In the beginning … Sacred Heart was the first Catholic parish in Wethersfield, dating back to the late 1800’s. Even before its founding, however, tradition has it that […]

Lemuel Custis: First Class of the Tuskegee Airmen

Written by the Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation and originally published on their website ( Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1915, Lemuel R. Custis lived with his wife Ione at 563 Nott Street in Wethersfield from 1954 until his death in 2005. He was one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. (WHS) African Americans have served in […]

Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church

by Robert F. Deasy Jr. [For those unfamiliar, following is a brief history of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) as told on the website of Christ Community Church of Sioux City, Iowa. (  By the mid 1800s many believers in the Lutheran church of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark were becoming dissatisfied because of […]

Mill Woods Park: A History

by Jim Meehan “Het Up For Fair” “Your ear for a minute, please, a bit of space in your paper if possible in these days of shortage, for I am het up for fair. “Wethersfield has before it a proposition of tremendous import as clearly delineated by the Park Board and Town Plan Commission before […]

Wintergreen Woods: A History

by Jim Meehan It All Began with Ice The“Recreational Facilities” portion of the Wethersfield Connecticut official town website describes Wintergreen Woods as “110.0 acres containing open space and nature trails”.  The park’s main entrance is located at the north end of the portion of Folly Brook Boulevard that extends in that direction from Welles Road […]