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The membership of Wethersfield Historical Society is passionate about the town’s history, often inspiring individuals to conduct research on their own about topics of particular interest.

The "Articles from the Community" section of this website includes research and writing of the Wethersfield community representative of their interest and enthusiasm for topics related to Wethersfield history and culture. Articles are not edited by Wethersfield Historical Society staff and while we hope you find the contributions to "Articles from the Community" interesting and informative, they do not reflect the research, scholarly editing, views, or opinions of Wethersfield Historical Society's staff, Governing Board or general membership as a whole

Wethersfield’s Dinosaur Footprints

by Jim Meehan Wethersfield’s most recent dinosaur footprint find occurred during the construction of the Church of the Incarnation in early 1965.  As the laborers were removing rocks and boulders, two adventurous Webb School ninth graders (Steven Hill and Virgil Viets)  went exploring over the construction site and discovered the footprints of prehistoric beasts, dinosaur […]

A Conversation with Robbins Barstow

“A Conversation with Robbins Barstow” by Cullen Gallagher originally appeared November 15, 2010 on the website of UnionDocs “a Center for Documentary Art that generates and shares big ideas”, and is republished, along with the photo of Mr. Barstow, with their permission. Introductory remarks from Wethersfield Historical Society. Robbins Barstow lived in Wethersfield, CT with […]

About the Author: Cullen Gallagher

Cullen Gallagher is a writer and musician living in Brooklyn, NY. His work has appeared in many publications including the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Brooklyn Rail, and Bright Lights Film Journal. He blogs at

Historical Significance of Jordan Lane

By Lois Wieder [The Town of Wetherfield’s Historic District was established in 1962 and contains all property “north of the Wethersfield/Ricky Hill town line, south of the Wethersfield/Hartford town line, east of the railroad tracks and west of I-91 (with a depth of 200 feet on the east side of Middletown Avenue, south of Maple […]

Elizabeth Canning Leaves Scandal Behind in Connecticut

This article is printed with permission of New England Historical Society where it originally appeared. In June of 1773, news reached England from Connecticut that Elizabeth Canning Treat had died. The announcement, carried in the newspapers of the time, put the final exclamation point on one of the most sensational trials England witnessed in the […]

Lookin’ Through These Bars

by Eddie Bolorin Jr.  (Eddie Bolorin Jr. was a 2015 Wethersfield High School senior in Cheryl Ryba’s Wethersfield Studies class.  He was inspired to write this poem by a collaborative field trip to Wethersfield Historical Society.  Eddie read his work before the Wethersfield Town Council.) Lookin’ Through These Bars Lookin’ through these bars I feel […]

WHS Board Scholarship 2015 Winning Essay

The Governing and Advisory Boards of Wethersfield Historical Society  award a scholarship to a graduating High School Senior. To be eligible students must have volunteered at the historical society and/or any taken the Wethersfield High School’s  Wethersfield Studies class. The recipient is then chosen on the basis of a short essay submitted to our committee. […]

Benjamin Wright: The Father of American Civil Engineering

By Gregg Mangan for ( and reprinted with their permission.   Benjamin Wright helped build transportation and canal systems in the United States and served as the chief engineer on the construction of the Erie Canal. Wright’s influence was so widespread that by the mid-1800s almost every civil engineer in the country claimed some […]

Eleanor Buck Wolf – Give to the World the Best that You Can

by Jim Meehan Eleanor Buck Wolf’s 1931 Mount Holyoke College described her as “Lady Diane or Peter Pan, whichever the occasion required.” Her daughter Elizabeth (Betsey) Innes said “That was an accurate description all of her life.” She was born in 1909, a descendent of Emanuel (aka Enoch) Buck, who first appeared in Wethersfield in […]

Betsey Johnson: A Brand that Cartwheeled Through Four Decades

by Elizabeth Hanson  (This article was originally published in 2011 on the website and is republished with permission of the author.) (“Wethersfield High School Yearbook, “The Elm” 1960 ” ) History Betsey Johnson was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut on August 10th, 1942. She graduated from Syracuse University, magna cum laude in 1964 and parlayed […]