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Burying Ground Digitization Project


The Wethersfield Ancient Burying Ground and Village Cemetery are located in the center of the Old Wethersfield on Marsh Street. Within the confines of the burying ground are clues to the town’s past waiting to be discovered. Many Americans can trace roots back to the small town of Wethersfield and have ancestors that are buried here. The following is a database of information to aid in genealogical queries, provide a clear and concise record of burials and history of the evolving land use, all while inspiring individuals to get more involved in preserving their own past.

This project is divided into four different pages; the history of the burying ground, biographies of different individuals that were laid to rest here, an interactive map of the burying ground with an index to locate those deceased and more information on how to obtain more information. Here Wethersfield residents, genealogists, and others will learn about their ancestors, the history of the town that coincides with national trends, and the land use of the burying ground over the centuries.


History of Wethersfield Burying Ground
Interactive Map and Index of Burials
Selected Biographies of Wethersfield Residents
Additional Information and Acknowledgements